<aside> 💡 This is an optional feature, power-ups can be disabled from the launch screen



Power-ups are placed randomly on the map, shown by this rotating question mark. If you land on one, you will get a special ability!

The power-up you receive is chosen randomly based on your position on the map. This means players who are further behind will get more attack power-ups to help them get ahead, whilst players in the lead will get power-ups which are more defensive, to help them retain their position.

A player can use a power-up at anytime. It will show in a little box at the top right of their screen, where they can click/tap on it at any point to activate it.

Player has a shield power-up - tap to activate it

Player has a shield power-up - tap to activate it

Available power-ups



When this power-up is activated, the player will switch to the map view and their avatar will turn into a rotating cannon. They can then tap/click a space on the board to fire it.

If there are any players on that space, then they will move backwards 2 spaces.

This power-up is available to all players, no matter what their position. However a player who is at a high ranking is less likely to get this.



Energy Blast

This is available to players who are at the bottom rankings. When this is activated, an energy blast will emit from the player causing all other players to move backwards 1 space!



Speed Boost

This moves the player 2 spaces forwards. When a player activates this, you will see a brief flame under their avatar.

It is available to players who are at the middle and bottom rankings.




This will teleport a player randomly forward up to 3 spaces. They will pop out and back in at a space ahead of their previous position.

It is available to players around the middle rankings.




This will cause a player to swap position with the player in front. It is available to players at the middle and bottom rankings.